Baby, You Got It !!

Baby, You Got It !!

The 1960s Anthology

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Volume #1

Gimme Little SignBrenton wood2.20
I Want LoveBrenton Wood2.30
Boogaloosa LouisianaBrenton Wood2.40
I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed UpBrenton Wood2.02
Great Big Bundle of LoveBrenton Wood2.07
Hide-A-WayBrenton Wood2.07
Lovey Dovey Kind of LoveBrenton Wood1.58
DiamondsBrenton Wood1.58
Good LovinBrenton Wood1.58
I'm The One Who KnowsBrenton Wood2.24
Ooh La Da DeeBrenton Wood2.03
A Change Is Gonna ComeBrenton Wood2.38
Little Happy Go Lucky GirlBrenton Wood2.38
Running WildBrenton Wood2.35
Need You GirlBrenton Wood2.30
Take A ChanceBrenton Wood2.22
Whoop It on MeBrenton Wood 2.20
Can You Dig ItBrenton Wood2.41
Psychotic ReactionBrenton Wood2.34
Come Here GirlBrenton Wood2.27
Kid Games, and Nursery RhymesBrenton Wood2.27
Good Night BabyBrenton Wood2.21

Volume #2

Oogum BoogumBrenton Wood2.32
Baby You Got ItBrenton Wood1.55
Me And YouBrenton Wood2.41
Cross The BridgeBrenton Wood2.41
It's Just A Game, LoveBrenton Wood2.19
Two Time LoserBrenton Wood2.06
Mr. SchemerBrenton Wood2.06
Who But A FoolBrenton Wood2.35
Some Got It, Some Don'tBrenton Wood2.35
I Like The Way You Love MeBrenton Wood2.29
Best Thing I Ever HadBrenton Wood2.23
TroubleBrenton Wood2.31
Catch You on The ReboundBrenton Wood2.17
Sweet Molly MaloneBrenton Wood2.10
Where Were YouBrenton Wood1.59
Need Your Love So BadBrenton Wood3.38
Give It UpBrenton Wood2.12
A Little Bit of LoveBrenton Wood1.58
Sad Little SongsBrenton Wood2.15
BirdmanBrenton Wood2.01
Darlin'Brenton Wood2.35

Baby, You Got It!! - 2 CD

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